Blank wide drop through complete longboard

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The Drop-Through longboard comes highly recommended. It appears like any normal skateboard but has a cutout in the deck. The trucks fit affectively on the board because of the cutout. They are excellent for free-riding. Having become enormously popular as the longboard of choice, if there is a board suited for all-around longboarding, it would have to be a drop-through.

  • For cruising at high speeds, a Drop-Through longboard is frequently used
  • It provides a shallow platform thereby increasing stability for riding at high speed.
  • Easily controllable and speed adjustable to your needs.
  • Tops other skateboards where flexibility is evaluated and hence fitting for all sorts of skateboarders.
  • It is the choice for low-speed carving.
  • The right choice for free-riders as they allow the rider to slide over their boards as the center of gravity is low.


  • Because of their flexibility, there is a sacrifice in strength as your weight is shared on all eight bolts.
  • They are designed for cruising and carving and so are unsuitable for all types of skateboarders.
  • Drop-through longboard type is more drifty because of its unique configuration so it is rendered unstable on varying platforms.
  • Drop-through longboards being prone to drifting is a drawback for downhillers in action.
  • They have a poor grip.
  • You cannot achieve sharp turns as the front deck design is lower.